BBC Television Children's Favourites is a VHS released in 1993 by BBC.

Episodes Edit

At last, all your friends from Children's Television Together on one video in 10 Great Adventures! Let's see What they're all doing...

  1. Noddy and the Broken Bicycle (from Noddy and the Milkman)
  2. Pingu and Pinga at Home (from Pingu 2: Building Igloos)
  3. Funnybones: The Pet Shop (from Funnybones: Bumps in the Night)
  4. Postman Pat's Finding Day (from Postman Pat 1)
  5. Spider: Just as Spider (from Spider in the Bath)
  6. Joshua Jones: Haywire (from Joshua Jones: Horseplay)
  7. Tales of the Tooth Fairies: The Stolen Present (from Tales Of The Tooth Fairies: Mission Toothbrush)
  8. Fireman Sam: Bentley the Robot (from Fireman Sam 6: All in a Good Cause)
  9. Pingu Goes Fishing (from Pingu: Barrel of Fun)
  10. Charlie Chalk: Arnold's Night Out (from Charlie Chalk: Shipwrecked Charlie)

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